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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the alarm. >> my co-worker realized the plane was upside down. so he said call 911. >> reporter: a single engine airplane falling from the sky over long island, bursting into lanes on the lirr track. >> there was no trains going through at that point, but the crossing was open. so there was a possibility there could have been cars going through. >> reporter: good samaritans managed to pull one man from the wreckage. >> it was terrifying, especially when they pulled one person out. >> reporter: the pilot, yet to be identified, was killed in the plane crash that damaged the train tracks and suspended service on the line for most of the day. >> probably three sections of rail damaged. >> reporter: a crossing gate also had to be paired, raising concerns whether there could be service monday morning. but late sunday night, trains
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were chugging along once again. and we're told that passenger in the crash who had to be pulled from the wreckage suffered a broken jaw is suspected to be okay. the ntsb and faa are both investigating. checkey - ckford, news 4 new york. get ready for a hot day tomorrow. temperatures in the mid 90s for the start of your workweek. a lot of people beat t e heat and the beaches and pools. how long ig this going to last? steve, do we want to know? >> tomorrow is going to be a very warm dayn'nce again. tomorrow we'll be back into the 90s, making it the first official heat wave of the season in central park. today, 93 in the park. yesterday in the 90s, as well. newark hit 96, laguarria, 90.
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for tonight, we still have an air quality alert in effect for a good part of new jersey. right now temperatures in the 70s except in the city where it's still very warm, a temperature of 82 degrees. tomorrow morning, upper 70s. by lunchtime, already feeling like 91 in the city. as we head into the late afternoon hours, with the heat and the humidity, it will feel like the mid to upper 90s in some spots. just how long does this heat stick around? we're going to talk about that coming up. back to you. >> steve, thanks. you can track the heat with our news4 new york app. you'll see the latest temperatures and the alerts sent to your smartphone. it is in the apple app store now. tense moments in a new jersey neighborhood. a gunman shot and killed two people inside of a home, prompting a police standoff that lasted for hours. ida siegel raced to that scene in warren. i'm sure neighbors are shocked by what they saw.
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>> reporter: law enforcement sources tell us at least one of the police cars was taking bullets outside the house from a crazed gunman. you can see the scene is still active, investigators still here. but it is finally under control with the gunman dead. this house is quiet tonight, surrounded by crime tape now just the scene of an investigation. but earlier this afternoon, authorities tell us a man badorricaded himself inside with a gun after shooting a man and a woman there. >> around 12:55, around three gunshots, and i could hear them in my driveway. a very brief quiet, then three more shots. >> reporter: christine rio left before police arrived. she lives a block away. soon after, the entire area were shut down for half a mile as police tried to coax the gunman outside. sources say he threatened to take the officers down with hirk
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>> i'm pretty scared, because right now my house -- he could be in my house for all i know. >> reporter: the result was, police set up a wide perimeter. residents were strande isd in town for hours with very little information. >> i'm overwhelmed. i can't believe this is happening. >> i can throw a stone and hit my house, but we're not allowed to go in yet. until we find all the formation and what's happening, let them do their job. >> reporter: in the end, police say the gunman appears to have shot and killed himself. but why? what was it about? who was the man and woman he killed? none of that is known just yet. >> we moved here because it's relatively peaceful. you never know these days. >> reporter: reporting've, ida siegal, now ews 4 new york. actor morgan freeman is
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mourning the loss of his granddaughter who was stabbed to death in manhattan. it happened this morning in washington heights. when police got there, they found 33-year-old e'dena hines lines in the vote, stabbed in the chest several times. no charges have been filed. in a statement, morgan freeman urned hines saying ickpart -- the nypd wants to find the man accused of sneaking into a staten island home and raping a 7-year-old girl. this is 32-year-old d aniel nieto. police say he entered the back door of a home, went into that little girl's bedroom and attacked her. this happened last week. call police if you can help get this man off the streets. nypd searching for this man who escaped police custody. 25-year-old ashton stevenson was
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being arrested fortress passing. while he was being escorted into the precinct, he shoved an office tore r to the ground and took off. tributes pouring in re tmembering julian bond. he died yesterday. fellow activist john lewis called him one of a kind. and former vice president al gore called him a life-long champion for civil rights. bond helped create the student non-violent coordinating committee in the '60s. he was a close associate of dr. martin luther king, jr. he served as the chairman of the naacp for ten years. he was 75. new information about the e-mail scandal surrounding hillary clinton. "the washington times" is reporting that the state department has identified 60 e-mails containing classified data. according to the report, one e-mail contained an intermediate level of classified information, while the rest were at the lowest level.
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clinton insists she did not knowingly send or receive classified information through her personal e-mail. he began his campaign with controversial comments about immigrants from mexico. and now donald trump is explaining his plan to end illegal immigration to the u.s nbc's brian mooar reports more on donald trump's idea for immigration reform. >> reporter: for the first time in donald trump's campaign, he's talking specifics about illegal immigration in mexico. >> mexico is taking our business. mexico is the new china, okay? >> reporter: trump's first policy paper lays out a plan that would end birthright citizenship, ramp up deportations, and jack up border fees and business tariffs for mexicans to pay for a wall. >> in four years, you're going to say, what a great job you've done, president trump. >> reporter: trump landed in his personal helicopter at the iowa state fair. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> reporter: but for some, style
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is less important than trump's message on immigration reform. >> a lot of people like me are just tired of it, you know? it's time somebody stand up and do something. >> reporter: donald trump pivoting back to the issues that have fueled controversy and his poll numbers. brian mooar, news 4, new york. you may see donald trump in court tomorrow. he's expected to report for jury duty at a courthouse in manhattan. he says he's looking forward to appearing. he's accused of not showing up in the past, but his campaign team says he never received those summons. if he's not there tomorrow, he gafaces a $250 fine. >> not sure he can swing that. >> yeah, i know. still ahead, as flight disaster in indonesia. a plane vanishes with 50 people on board. the clues that crews have discovered as they search for survivors. do you think you've got moves?
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try challenging this guy in a dance-off. this is a doctor and we'll tell you how he's using his love of dance to fund his passion. keep it here.
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tonight, search crews in indonesia believe they have found the wreckage of a missing plane carrying more than 50 people. >> that flight lost contact over a remote area of the country. villages s nay the plane ]rashed into the mountains. tonight, we're getting new
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details about that flight from nbc. >> reporter: it should have been a sho flight on the twin turboprop plane, less than an hour. but tonight, fam ies and co-workers dre waiting for word. on board the 27-year-old aircraft, t4 adults, 3 chil wen, 2 babies, and 5 crew members. time, and a one point the pilot radios the visibility is too poor to land. the flight never arrives. indonesia's head of air transportation told reporters that villages spotted the plane and that it crashed 15 miles from its destination, into the mountains and jungles in eastern indonesia, an area known for low clouds and fog. to make matters worse, heavy
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rain and winds were moving through. but there was no distress call. >> if they're in the side of a mountain, they may not have recognized where they were, and that impact may have been as much a surprise to them as anything else. >> reporter: it's been a difficult two years for air safety in asia. in june, more than 100 were killed when a military plane crashed in indonesia. last december, an airasia flight plunged into the sea killing 162. investigators are still looking for answers in the crash of manylation airlines mh-370. this airlines only flies in indonesia and it's had 14 serious incidents since 1992. no cause yet on this one, and no comment yet from the airline. search and rescue crews will be out during daylight in indonesia. they have a tough task ahead locating the wreckage and looking for survivors.
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back to you. meanwhile, jimmy carter attended church services in georgia as he always does after he announced he has cancer. he appeared to be in good spirits with wife by his side. he shared his diagnosis last week, saying recent surgery revealed the liver cancer. the 90-year-old says he will keep teaching sunday school. the death toll from a chemical explosion in china is climbing. more than 700 people were injured in that blast, and at least 95 are still missing after wednesday's explosion. in boston now, a street performer in scrubs is using his hobby for a good cause. i don't know how hygienic this is, but that is not a costume.
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that is a doctor ntertaining a huge crowd outside of the medical center. he says he started doing all this just for fun. buart when the kids started piling up, it sparked an idea. he's donated more than $5,000 to charity in just the past couple of months. >> what i want to engage people in, i like doing x thing, how i can use that to improve the world around me? >> the dancing doctor is donating to a group that donates meals to the animal rescue league. >> how do you dance like that sober? [ laughter ] >> you don't know, do you? >> i don't. i don't remember the nights i dance like that. >> oh, my. >> 82 degrees in the city at this late hour? >> it's so warm outside, it's humid outside. today, we were in the 90s.
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tomorrow, we're shooting for 93 grees. as a result, tomorrow could be the first official heat wave of the year in central park. it's happened at area airports ound the tristate region, but not yet in the city. but tomorrow will be that day. right now, 82 degrees. it is clear outside. it's so warm, it's 11:00 at night, and it's 82 in midtown. 70 at jfk. north of the city, 75 in newberg. it is very humid outside. right now, relative humidity anywhere from 70% to 80%. in fact, the humidity will only get worse and worse, especially as we head towards the middle of the week. right now on form tracker live radar, all is quiet. right now, we're generally clear. we do have a huge ridge of high pressure sitting on top of the east coast. this is one of the reasons why it's so warm outside.
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southerly winds are in place bringing in the warm and humid weather. towards the middle of the week, the ridge will break down, so it won't be as warm, but the humidity will continue to increase. even though we're in the 80s, it will feel more like the 90s when you factor in the humidity. in the meantime, all the way out into the eastern atlantic, just south of the cape verde islands, we are watching a testimony right here. a cluster of thunderstorms that may become a tropical system. if it does, it will be danny. right now, all the models are taking it towards the lesser antilles. future tracker shows tonight, we're generally clear. tomorrow morning, we're partly to mostly sunny. tomorrow afternoon, a hot day with mostly sunny skies. during the afternoon, we can't rule out a spot shower or thunderstorm here or this, just like today. but most of us are dry. so tonight, temperatures will be on the toasty side. coastal areas in the 70s.
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inland areas in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow, look at the highs. 93 in the city, 94 in morristown. once you factor in the humidity, it will feel like the mid to upper 90s. mainly sunny with a pop-up shower or storm possible. by tuesday, 89 degrees. middle of the week, mid 80s, feeling more like the ninths with the humidity. thursday and friday, here comes a cool front with showers and thunderstorms. behind that front, we don't really cool it down, but the humidity does fall as we head into the weekend. but all week long, quite muggy. >> fantastic. >> it's summer. >> steve, thanks. every federal firefighter in the u.s. is on call tonight, and this is why. raging fires in eight states. we'll hear from residents who have lost everything as the flames tear through.
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bruce is here now with a check of sports. this whistling straits, this is not an easy course.
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>> in golf, the year's final major. the pga championship in wisconsin. jordan spieth looking to capture his third major of the year. jason day hoping to break through and win his first. they began the day with at least a share of the 54-hole lead for the third straight major and he birdied the par 5, 12th. spieth playing alongside day in the final pairing, continued to keep the pressure on. after a birdie on 13, he pulled within three shots. but day would not be denied. the aussie rolled in another birdie putt, moving to a staggering 20 under par. and he clinched the pga championship with this approach on the par 5, 16, playing a high draw that led to a two-putt birdie, as he maintains his three-shot lead.
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how cool is this? on 17, day comes reasonably close on this 65-foot putt. and spieth gives him the thumbs up. from there, it was academic, as day clinches his first major championship in record fashion finishing at 20 under par, the lowest score ever in a major. what a performance. what a way to end the year. day moves to third in the world golf rankings. and with his runner-up finish, spieth takes over the top spot from rory mcilroy. well, both of our baseball teams are in first place. but they didn't look the part today. the mets struggled against the pirates, while the yankees tried to sweep away the blue jays in toronto. but joey bets had other ideas. highlights and postgame reaction are just ahead.
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the yankees tried to cap a dynamite weekend in toronto with a sweep. 21-year-old phenom luis severino taking the hill. with no score in the third, troy tulowitzki flies to this right field with two outs. but carlos beltran loses it in the sun. so of course, the next batter josh donaldson singles to right. and tulowitzki scores the first run of the game. and then moments later, jose
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batista makes the yankees' rookie pay, crushing a two-run shot to left for his 28th of the season. it was 3-0 blue jays after three. and there was no yankees' magic today as mark teixeira grounds out weakly to end the game. blue jays are within a half of game of first place. still, the yanks were pleased to take two out of three. >> we're happy. we won the series, it's important. this is the team that is fighting and i don't know that we have seven or eight games left against them. right now we have to focus on our series and hopefully when we face them again, we can do it again. >> now to the mets who lost a couple of heartbreakers in extra innings to the pirates this weekend. today, they tried to avoid being
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swept by pittsburgh in citi field. pedro alvarez blasts this solo shot off the mets' right-hander, the only run harvey surrendered in six innings. he's been good. tied at 1-1 in the 7th, when michael morris hits a sure double play ball, but it's thrown into center field, putting runners on the corners for the pirates with nobody out. the next batter, gregory planko laces this to center. pittsburgh scores four in the inning to blow it open. the pirates win it 8-1. washington lost, so the mets' lead over the nationals is still 4 1/2 games. >> we're tired right now. we played hard. we'll take the day off and get after it tomorrow. we had terrible two innings in a row and a good weekend. >> todd was a rough one. we'll move forward and we got to keep our heads down, keep fighting and move on after the off day.
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>> in football, the giants signed brandon merryweather, a former first round pick. jets tonight on "sports final." and we'll talk mets and yankees. first place mets and yankees. we're still in the middle of august, so that's not terrible. >> all right. a lot more ahead tonight, including a warning to anybody going to the dmv in connecticut this week. >> it's never fun, but it could be a nightmare. that's coming up. a deadly plane crash on long island. the location of this crash has caused a lot of trouble for the lirr. what you need to know for your morning commute when we come back.


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